Figuring out where any number of text configuration files are at on a home computer (Mac, Linux, Windows, or other operating system driven) is, or can be, frustrating. Hard drive file system heirarchies are long, sometimes the folders in them are next to gibberish, and as often as not the important files are hidden, or protected by permissions settings or similar obstructions that take away from smoothe computing.

So I have to find advice on technical support forums a lot. I’ve learned a lot, forgotten and not paid attention to as much, but the value I’ve taken from the jerks and the people that tell you RTFM (and you know it doesn’t mean firendly!, they’re the worst bunch 0.0) but also the people who take their time to organize a well worded answer is that no one deserves to be sucked into the vaccuum of cyber space alone! If you’re going to be there, take up what purpose you may that doesn’t involve the unethical plethora of cyber activities!

So on the forum, –a general discussion of and technical support for the Windows 7 brand of operating system, a person wrote they wanted to know how to adjust the autoplay settings when you insert a disk or removeable media. Simple enough task, true, but I’m not the RTFM KMFDM fella, and I just happened to find out how to write a batch file (by appending the .bat file extension –big accomplish), and I made one for the Problem Steps Recorder as a means of video taping desktop activity if ever I needed to in order to explain technical troubles.

Well they actually changed it and it doesn’t seem to record desktop activity anymore, instead it creates an .mht file that has snap shots for every time you click your main mouse button, and you can add comments to each snap shot before moving on or write a summation when you’re through. Very useful, a little tedious but when I read the answer I recieved (about sandboxing software), I felt compelled to take the moment to do up a fancy little (no not really) PSR document for, ‘How Do I Adjust My Autoplay Settings in Windows 7?”. So I’m going to link that here, and a few other links I found in conjuction to autoplay troubles, including the autoplay.inf virus. As much for my archived reference as yours!

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